Making drone data capture automatically in anywhere 

6th 12, 2020 HEISHA Shenzhen
One day, you can watch the real-time video through your laptop or smartphone at any time anywhere. The drone will become a smart and simple tool to protect your private property and get live video evidence. HEISHA DNEST makes that image come true.

Freesky V1.0 is available for making drone operation like a play game. You just need to put the DNEST on the top of your roof or yard. Then you can remote control anywhere with WIFI or internet. 
drone data processing software

Freesky easily captures any type of drone media including photos, videos, and panoramas. You don’t need to know the professional pilot’s knowledge, It is a safe autonomous flight.

You can set an electronic fence to make sure the drone only flying in your area before your flight, then you can pre-set your flight plans and it can automate takeoff, flight, landing. Then the drone can be recharging automatically. You don’t need to care too much about the drone control and flight. Safely fly using in-software pre-flight checklists.

HEISHA DNEST is a strong autonomous drone system for inspection, surveying, and patrolling.