New DNEST amazed old clients

August 13, 2021
One DNEST demo was very well received by one of HEISHA’s clients in Mexico, and the client was amazed by the big improvements of HEISHA’s drone charging station technology.

The client was a long-term user of HEISHA’s charging pad and had been providing suggestions for the improvements of HEISHA’s product. After seeing the demo of the DNEST, the client was very happy about the commitment that HEISHA has made to her DiaB solution, and was excited that they could bring the new and optimized solution into their projects.

The DNEST includes the charging pad, canopy, and center control module, clients only need to install the drone remote control and place the drone onto the charging station, power on the charging station and be ready to go for the mission, it’s a one-stop hardware solution for DSP and solution integrators.

HEISHA DNEST Diab (drone-in-a-box solution is the world’s first automatic drone charging station that’s compatible with multiple drone models at the same time. It combines automated drone flight, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether, Its small size and robust canopy design allow it to be deployed in a variety of applications including private villa security, farmland survey, construction site monitoring, etc.