New trend: Truly unattended drone solution-D.NEST draws a lot of attention             
More than 1001 media have reported the HEISHA D.NEST launch event.  D.NEST, as a drone-in-the-box hardware platform, got highly comments because of its compatibility, it can be used to DJI drone Mavic series, phantom 4, open-source drones. What’s further, HEISHA opens SDK and API.
SAUDI ARIBIA NEWS EXPRESS has reported HEISHA DNEST drone in a box

So many companies are exploring the UAVs’ new future. Making the drone smarter and more automatic is the basic requirement. How can we make the drone doing the mission and recharging by itself? How can we let our customers never need to consider learning professional operation skills? If we find a way, that means the drone future is coming.
Media has reported HEISHA DNEST drone in a box

That is not enough, how can we make it closer to end-users? It is a big challenge to make it stable and cost-effective. HEISHA is on the way and a stable hardware device making the drone self-charging and landing became true.