FlytBase and Heisha reached a strategic cooperation for the automated drone solution
February 2, 2021
FlytBase and Heisha reached long-term strategic cooperation for a complete automated drone solution.
As the world's first Internet of Drones Platform (IoD), FlytBase enables easy deployment of intelligent drone fleets, connected with cloud-based business applications. With the FlytBase IoD platform drone agnostic software solutions for Remote Drone Operations, and Heisha DNEST drone in-a-box hardware for autonomous taking-off, landing, and charging, the fully automated drone is ready-to-go.

The remote control function includes the Gimbal control, you can get live HD video in any perspective you want. If you want to inspect your farm, just set the waypoint mission within the Geo-fence, the real-time video will be displayed on the screen. The DNEST drone charging station is also under monitor with one single click, you can check on the charging rate, drone situation, and the drone landing position. 
Heisha also provides custom service for different sizes and types of drones, tailor the charging platform for both big enterprise drones and VTOL fixed-wing drones are all available.
To celebrate this cooperation, FlytNow (a product of FlytBase) is offering 2 months subscription for free with the code: HTFN2.
To apply the code, please visit: