Heisha as a leader of autonomous drone solution core components provider has accumulated a lot of deep partners. Heisha recognizes the small but important role it has in helping more companies around the world, to build more powerful autonomous drone solutions and benefit from the future development of the intelligent autonomous aerial system. We take this responsibility very seriously and have implemented important measures to guarantee we can give you the support you need, whenever it is required. Heisha is willing to share the resources and recommend each other to have more communication.
Public security
Heisha’s partners are in Mexico and China. Heisha provides the drone charging pad, Mexico side has a factory to manufacture the station housing, and monthly output is more than 200 units . The whole drone station has been used to Mexico police for public security inspection. And one of Heisha’s partner in China is very good at the management software, both of us has delivered a whole autonomous drone solution to Chinese police for the inspection at fixed time and fixed place.
drone charging pad for warehouse management
Warehouse management solution
The partners are from Belgium and China. Heisha charged the hardware and the partners concentrate on the management software. Now, this system has been proved in China, Singapore, Belgium. Faster, more efficient, more accurate, the drone with the automatic charging pad, cloud server, and management software is the best choice for big warehouse management.
drone charging pad for residential security
Private property inspection
This solution was a joint development by Heisha and a French partner. You can see the real time video at any time and any place without professional pilots. Including a DJI Mavic 2, a Heisha C300M2, a portable rain cover and a mobile APP. If you need to remote monitor your territory and possessions in real time, this affordable mini drone station is a good choice.
drone inspection for powerline
Intelligent powerline inspection
The partner is from China, they are good at the data analysis software. They design the solution based on Heisha’s C300M2 and SDK. So far, the intelligent autonomous drone solution has been widely used by CHINA SOUTHERN POWER GRID.
drone application for wildlife protection
Farm & livestock
The partners are from New Zealand and Chile. The biggest advantage is that the autonomous drone solution is super easy to use. After you connected your app with the station, the mission can be autosave and just one lick to see the real-time video.
automatic drone for inspection
Oil Gas & Mining
The partners are from Nigeria, South Africa, and Columbia. The autonomous drone solution realized automatic inspection and real-time aerial video feedback under poor network coverage in remote areas. The solution can save a lot of time and money for the company.
autonomous drone for border patrol
Harbor and border defense patrol
The partners are from China and Malaysia. The solution is a fully autonomous defense and observation drone. Don’t need to send security guards and scout on site. All the modern advances in robotics, autonomy, and machine learning - something has strengthened the defense force.
drone for Emergency response
Emergency response and rescuer
The partners are from China and Ghana. The solution has helped to coronavirus epidemic prevention and control in China and Ghana. It reduced the risk of infection and the conflict between citizens and policemen. Heisha integrated the loudspeaker with the autonomous drone solution. The most important thing is that the entire solution is very nice. Whoever you are, just need a mobile phone and an APP.
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