PLC VS HEISHA K100 drone charging control board
June 3, 2021
A programmable logic controller (PLC)is an industrial digital computer that has been widely applied in numerous manufacturing processes including smart robotic devices. Drone charging dock as a tiny portion of these applications has been seriously considered to use PLC due to its stable performance and ease to program.
HEISHA K100 is applied to DNEST drone in-a-box (DIAB) solution, drone charging pads, and drone docking stations series by installing into the internal space flexibly, which is not easy to be achieved by PLC due to the size issue. Now the DNEST has realized the compatible charging of 3S 4S batteries to work for different brands of drones, which is also a challenge to PLC. 
There is another important part that is unique to a drone charging station, the air conditioning system. Your drone charging system will become huge if you purchase the air conditioner part from the market, but tailored it by PLC would be tricky. 
“As special as HEISHA drone charging stations is designed and developed from zero, there are only a few other manufacturers you can find in the whole world now. It needs to be upgraded after various tests before finally stabilized. PLC is not that flexible as K100 control boards in many ways. We are planning to make K100 more professional and standardized, by then its application would be expanded into other industries like robot charging stations and logistics replacement stations." Says Mr. Ling, the CEO of HEISHA tech.  
About HEISHA K100
HEISHA K100 drone charging control board including the communication, centering, charging, canopy, and the air conditioning control board, each of them is working separately for convenience of the maintenance. Multiple protection measures are added for a safe operation including anti-reverse connection, over-current, electrostatic and lightning protection, etc.