HEISHA Drone control tower
HEISHA Drone control towerDrone control towerDrone control tower



The easiest and the most economical drone controlling & data collecting system
Heisha DTower pilot free drone controlling system is a simplified version of T3 Drone Control Tower with all the basic functions and adds the FlytBase drone flight software as a complete set. It doesn’t require any professional drone flight knowledge or experience not just to a mission operator but also to the person who places a drone nearby the DTower.

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With the assistance of FlytBase's FlytNow software, you can remote control drone operation, carry out presetting flight missions, and get real-time HD videos no matter how far you are from your mission site. All the flight processes will be under the Geo-fence in a presetting range and height, the whole flight mission couldn't be safer. A precision landing with centimeter-level accuracy near the HEISHA DTower will be assured with FlytNow after a mission is complete.

DTower early bird plan:
1. We offered 1000RMB discount for the first 10 units of DTower
2. For the first 10 units, only 10% deposit is required.
This deposit is Non-Refundable.
3. Delivery starts in August 2021.
By ordering this item you are accepting our
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Please transfer the final payments to HEISHA account to active your early bird qualification, no product will be shipped before the final payment is paid off.
Beneficiary Bank: China Merchants Bank
Beneficiary Customer: Shenzhen Heisha Technology Co.,Ltd
Account Number: 755943994210201
Swift Code: CMBCCNBS050
Bank Address: Store 7-12, Jiayuhaoyuan, #698, Jihua Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

Packing list
Waterproof electric box*1
T100 control board*1
4G Router*1
Remote controller base*1
Monitoring camera*1
Odroid connector*1
Power cable*1
FlytBase software*1


Mavic 2, Mavic Air

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