The Exclusive Distributor of Italy is taken by DroneBase
February 9, 2021
The Italian DroneBase company has signed the contract with Heisha as an Exclusive Distributor before the end of the recruitment. 
DroneBase is a professional drone company with over 10 years of experience. Besides drones and service, they also provide drone rental and pilot training services. Different sizes of the drone with various cameras as payload, flexible drone service is included. DroneBase has provided services to producers and filmmakers for video and cinema shooting, to farmers for precision agriculture, to real estate agents for structural inspection, to law and enforcement departments for search and rescue, to environmental protection departments for environmental monitoring, etc. 
The cooperation with Heisha will enable the flight mission of DroneBase more efficient and less pilot requires due to the autonomous operation of DNEST. The professional pilot is not necessary for a flight mission anymore as the Freesky remote control platform, setting a waypoint flight mission only takes few clicks by the mouse. Self take-off to the mission, then return and self landing on the drone charging pad to charge itself, it is a completely autonomous drone system. If you want to change the perspective or zoom in to check on something unusual, a few tap on the keyboard will do the job.