The Future of Autonomous Drone Operation
HEISHA C200 is a revolutionary charging pad designed for fully self-charging the drone battery, solved manual battery replacement, to achieve the autonomous and continuous drone operations. 
Therefore, HEISHA C200 drone self-charging pad provides the following Proprietary Technology Benefits:
Tight Locking Charging
The locking reposition bar mechanism enables more stable and more secure charging process when charging is on the move. And to make sure all the contacts are in place. 
High Efficiency
The high-power pad will have your drone fully charged in about half an hour when the drone needs to perform a new task soon. When the battery is fully charged, locking bar mechanism will release the drone, otherwise, the drone is locked in place, making your auto-charge more worry-free and reliable.
Standard Integration Ports
The power input allows you to integrate the pad to external batteries, AC power source from automotive, or even solar panel. The TTL port makes it possible for you to develop a variety of external control systems and terminals for varieties of applications without limits!
Working In Heat
The charging controller maximizes the charging process and enables the charging working in a hot environment.
 Standalone Module Design
You can buy the complete kit, or you can buy them in separate, and making your own charging station as if you were playing Lego, with your own imagination and having fun!
When you need to develop and build a more powerful drone charging station, using our charging pad kit would save your time and cost for making molds, testing, basic control system development, make it much easier to build your own unattended system! For more information, please contact us: