The Renewable Energy company MATTAN is HEISHA's exclusive distributor in Malaysia
April 22, 2021
MATTAN has got the exclusive distributor of HEISHA in Malaysia and will apply the HEISHA DNEST drone in a box hardware to the management of their Renewable Energy projects.
As a company that puts Mother Earth and the customers at the center, MATTAN designs and manages multi-disciplinary renewable energy projects including solar, biogas, mini hydro, etc. Most solar power plants occupy a large area that makes the maintenance work a big challenge,  not just to the efficiency but also the consumption of manpower. 
This situation is completed converted after drones join the game. The efficiency problem is fixed in the cost of one or two professional pilots, which leads to another trouble, the lack of pilots and their wages as well. Here comes the HEISHA DNEST pilot-free drone in a box solution, an autonomous drone system with auto take-off, self-landing and charging function, the operator can monitor the site via a laptop thousands of miles away and get real-time HD images and videos. What a perfect solution for the MATTAN solar projects!
Construction management and maintenance are also one of the services that MATTAN provides, which is also a rising industry that requires the participation of drones and HEISHA DNEST drone self-charging stations.
This cooperation between MATTAN and HEISHA will surely bring more delightful accomplishments to the renewable energy industry and the drone industry, we are looking forward to seeing where the future would bring us to.