Unattended technology: commercial drone in a box solution for construction site
Fortunately, commercial drone has been used to industrial application in everywhere.
The drone in a box is poised to provide robust, scalable solutions to these challenges in the immediate future. In fact, the value of commercial drone is bigger potential than what we have seen. It will be changing our life. 

As a leading drone in a box hardware platform provider, HEISHA finished some projects with partners. There is a trend that more and more construction sites begin to use automatic drone in a box solution to realize intelligent management. At the site using intelligent drone modeling technology to establish a realistic model, the model contains detailed location information at any point, directly on the model for soil volume calculation, accurate measurement, area calculation, etc., the survey data will be fed back to our intelligent site cloud platform, managers will be on-site and model comparison and on-site correction to ensure zero error.

HEISHA  drone in a box solution for construction site

What is the current situation of drone in a box solution?
At present, the solution is still in the exploration stage, the main of technical solutions are: wireless charging, robotic arm for battery, circle contact charging. They all have one thing in common: excessive costs. 
How to find a way to reduce the cost and make the solution really helpful is a challenge. 

HEISHA takes months to build/configure drones for any real-world application. There is a lack of industry-grade developer tools, that provide the core technology components, and can be reused to quickly build complex drone applications. Besides, the developers continue to struggle with challenges, like, reliability, scalability, and robustness of their drone applications.
We are on a mission to change that. Our team of experts is building technologies to empower system-integrators and application-developers connect their business applications with drones, quickly, reliably and at scale.