HEISHA V200 is an autonomous drone charging station for VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. It has integrated the most advanced intelligent temperature controlling system, safe and widely compatible charging system, and self-diagnostic maintenance system. Most importantly, the container structure allows it to be transported easily without any detachment or installation. To be compatible with various VTOL drones, HEISHA opens all the hardware interfaces and offers custom to fit different drone types.
200*200 cm
Large charging pad
120mins (standard)
Fast charge
Multiple protections of
Safe & smart charging
Container structure
Easy to transport
Extend your long inspection area
The VTOL drone is more popular in large area inspection missions due to its long flight time. But the BVLOS requires professional and experienced pilots, while with a HEISHA V200 autonomous VTOL drone recharging station, no pilot is required, its interface is all open and can work with any software to carry out the waypoint flight mission or a manual one.
Charging safely and steadily
Anti-voltage and anti-reverse, voltage compatibility management module, and a complete sensor system are all adopted to assure the automated VTOL drone charging safety. 
A trouble shooter
HEISHA V200 has solved three big problems of VTOL drone charging stations: cost, transportation, and transmission.
V200 has adopted the modified container to lower the cost and improve the flexibility of transportation and used the simplified modular structure inside the container for transmission stably.
V200 expansion version
(for monitoring and maintenance persons)
A weather station, a working table, and a big monitor.
Charging pad size
200*200 cm
Station mansion size
Standard charging time
120mins (depends on the drone battery)
Available docking VTOL drone quantity
Protection grade