HEISHA autonomous drone docks are deployed diversely and globally

HEISHA drone docks from the small DNEST autonomous drone-in-a-box, the medium D80 drone charging dock, to the D135 large drone dock, have been applied to various industries and countries, like security, smart city, power plant inspection, and construction site inspection.

DJI Matrice 300 and Heisha D135 autonomous drone dock works together for smart city

This smart city program is in Qingdao Laoshao district, five blocks, ten streets, about 200 are covered, and ten Heisha D135 autonomous drone docking stations and DJI Matrice 300 are deployed. D135 autonomous drone docking stations are being applied for daily regular patrol missions and quick response to emergencies. 

Use a laptop to fly DJI Mavic and charge it by DNEST autonomous drone solution

This video shows a complete operation of controlling DJI Mavic2 to fly, automatically return, and charge itself on Heisha DNEST autonomous drone charging station.

Mexico park patrol by Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution

Parque Bicentenario has about 55 hectares area, 5 areas included, the local government is aimed to make this park an ecosystem friendly environment, thus a bunch of latest technology has been brought in, Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution is included. 
DNEST Diab drone in-a-box solution works for Parque Bicentenario offers a fully autonomous drone system that integrates remote inspection and patrolling with the least cost, highest effective, and easiest operation.

Large drone charging pad with powerful and smart charging control system

HEISHA DPad135 drone charging pad is tailored for large size drones such as DJI M300. With over 25 partners around the world, HEISHA provides the charging pads and some important components, and our partners use containers or self-built charging docks at local. HEISHA also offers charge control boards, which are compatible with 6s to 12s drone batteries and can switch flexibly. Large current drone charging from 30A to 50 A are all supported.

Use a phone to control a HEISHA drone dock for charging DJI Mavic

Use a phone to control a HEISHA D80 drone charging dock for charging and flying DJI Mavic, Phantom, Air, and any other drones.

HEISHA released a 5 mins' connection solution for autonomous drones

HEISHA launched a 5 minutes’ connection solution, which can efficiently connect and control our DiaB drone in-a-box system from zero. We have developed a PCB board. It is called T100. It is one of our IoT nodes. It has integrated three functions. The first is to access the Internet through RJ45 or SIM card, the second is to connect to our partner's hardware via the 485 Modbus directly. The software part mainly refers to the SDK. We have made three processing batch commands. The first one is called one key for ready-to-fly. There is another command called one-key environmental monitoring. The third is a one-key for drone charging.

Autonomous drone kit, find an easy way to make a drone in a box solution

How does DNEST remotely control a drone to charge automatically? 
It takes an operator to control the drone remotely via network. Besides the remote controller system and a drone, an Android computer and a router are necessary, the router can be replaced by a 5G module with a SIM card. 
It requires a charging cable and a retrofit drone battery to realize the drone charging function.
But there are lots of challenges behind these simple theories.
The most difficult part of modifying a drone battery is to realize the remote control function besides the charging, and some drone batteries require extra adapters and shells.
We have developed a standard mold for landing gears for wide compatibility, lower cost, and higher precision landing.
We have developed a PCB board for collecting the drone switch status without unplugging the type-C connector.   
Battery over-charged and current reverse problem after charged, unstable voltage and current, all concerns the charging safety. HEISHA has developed a complete charging board to solve these charging problems.
Remotely reboot the Android system to handle the unstable resolution of SDK, HEISHA has developed a T100 IoT module. 
An extra antenna is added to increase the communication range of the RC. 

Precision landing in the night, how a drone in a box working with solar power #HEISHA D80 tell you

You dont need neither internet nor electricity to fly a drone!
Fly HEISHA D80 drone docking station at night with 4G and solar power, you will be amazed by how its precision landing work! It is a truly environmentally friendly autonomous drone!

Real-time DNEST2 free trial, a handsome guy in Mexico remote control the autonomous drone in China

Wherever you are, you can remote control HEISHA DNEST2 which is deployed in Shenzhen China, and watch the real-time video via your phone. 
Book today for your free trial. 

HEISHA new strategy builds bot-mansion. To be a robot station/mansion expert

In the past three years, HEISHA has positioned itself as a drone-in-a-box solution expert. Now that we have a new position, we build mansions for the robot. This positioning contains some important information. 
First, HEISHA will not only make a box for drones, but also for all robots, such as agricultural robots, industrial robots, and so on. In fact, we are jointly developing new products with a number of organizations, and you will see our new product launches in the next few months. 
Second, HEISHA will build not only a dock, a charging board, but also a robot house. If it is a house, there will be an Internet module, strong and weak current network, safe charging, fire protection, elevator, air conditioning, monitoring system, structural materials, earthquake-proof design, and so on. This is the direction of our research and development. 
Third, HEISHA will not develop drone automation software, nor develop drones. As a component supplier, HEISHA will provide long-term and stable support for our partners. 
Fourth, HEISHA will continue to explore and experiment in the innovation of robot houses. In the next three years, we will launch HEISHA 5G robot hotels, robot buildings and other products. As long as it's about robots building houses, no matter what kind of robots, whether it's changing electricity, charging, or changing packages, or remote maintenance, we are all interested, although you can contact us. Even if it's just discussing technology and exchanging experience, HEISHA is very welcome.

HEISHA D80, D60 Drone auto-charging station is compatible with DJI Mavic3

As a leading enterprise-grade drone-in-a-box supplier,  HEISHA manufacture high-end and reliable drone dock for all types of drones.

HEISHA DNEST2 new generation drone-in-a-box is compatible DJI drones, Autel drones and smarter

HEISHA, a drone charging solution and unattended drone system provider, has launched its second generation ready-to-use, fully automated, remote aerial flight data collection system, HEISHA DNEST2. The product takes drone operation to a whole new level, fully eliminating the need for a pilot. The new system is not only a drone charging station, but also a drone smart home.

HEISHA DNEST1 real demo from different country

The newest HEISHA DNEST version is an industry breakthrough, says a HEISHA press release, allowing different brands of drone to share the same charging platform and enabling a wide variety of new applications.  The new DNEST is the perfect tool for drone service providers, whose fleet may include commercial drones from both manufacturers.  For drone operators using different drones for a variety of applications on a job site, the DNEST provides a universal solution.

Precision landing of HEISHA DNEST2 Drone-in-a-box with DJI Mavic

DNEST 2 is the second generation of ready-to-use, fully automated, remote aerial flight data collection system from HEISHA. It is compatible with a DJI Mavic zoom drone, the second generation Freesky Command Center, making it easy for users to complete drone inspections in real-time and get a bird's eye view of their private territory. With HEISHA DNEST 2's game-like remote keyboard control, the drone can automatically hover during flight, you can close the canopy, recharge the drone after it returns back after a flight. As long as there is an Internet connection, long-distance flights and aerial views are possible. For example, when you are in a cafe and want to show your friend around your estate, you can fly the drone and show it directly to him. In addition, DNEST is also your faithful aerial guardian, which can patrol, take photos and drive away intruders. In the 2nd generation, we introduce an intelligent temperature control system for more secure deployment and safer charging, and an internal sensor system to collect data from the station to ensure easier maintenance and diagnosis.

Landing gears of HEISHA drone charging stations are compatible with so many drones from DJI, Autel, to Parrot

HEISHA landing gears have overcome the blocking of drone camera view to ensure the precision landing and removed the center of gravity issue. Now the new version of HEISHA landing gears is more powerful with strong compatibility to work with DJI Mavic Mini, Mavic Air 2, Autel, and Phantom, which makes HEISHA drone charging stations compatible with most drones.

Industrial HEISHA D80 Drone-in-a-box for DJI drones and Autel Drones

New generation HEISHA D80 drone-in-a-box, is compatible with DJI drones and Autel EVO drone.
The new generation of HEISHA D80 drone in-a-box with a complete temperature control system, built-in multiple sensors including infrared, temperature, and humidity, and an intelligent system of controlling the drone to be charged under the proper temperature.
Upgraded internal and external air duct design for an efficient temperature cooling down. A smoke sensor and fire extinguisher are also adopted to minimize the charging risk.
This new version of the D80 drone dock can charge from 2S to 4S drone batteries, most DJI drones and Autel drones can all be compatible with.
A remote diagnostic system to diagnose the station status and all the transmission connections, and a remote maintenance system to restart or reset hardware module in need. A solar panel, UPS, a warning light, and a lightning rod are also newly added to make the whole drone charging process safe and efficient. Test D80 drone charging station anywhere as long as you got internet now is available due to our SDK.
D80 is also CE and FCC certified, passed the IP54 rating test.

100 standard drone docks in 20 days are what HEISHA can produce now

Now about twenty to forty standard DNEST drones in a box and D80 drone docks are shipped to different countries, the following quality control process is also assured. 100 sets of fully inspected drone docks in 20 days are what HEISHA can make currently. 

HEISHA K100 control boards VS PLC

Comparison between a Programmable Logic Controller and HEISHA K100 control board, including the size and major units aspect (drone charging control board and air conditioning control board), and why K100 is chosen for the long-term development of HEISHA drone charging stations.

HEISHA D135 drone dock flight demo in Chongqing

A full flight operation demo of D135 drone dock in Chongqing, China. Includes start the drone dock, start the inspection mission, video and image capturing, end the flight, and results display.

HEISHA DNEST Autel EVO & DJI Mavic compatible version

Fly demo of DNEST (drone in-a-box) Autel EVO version under 5 wind force with 3cm precision landing error, adopts the newest HEISHA self-developed smart drone charging board that is compatible with Autel EVO 3S and DJI Mavic 4S drone battery for charging.

HEISHA D80 Industrial drone charging dock for outdoor

The upgraded HEISHA D80 industrial drone charging dock for outdoor use, include the new version of K100 control board, new dust-proof structure, and the integrated weather station with programmable digital sensors. Easy for maintenance, industrial grade, and strong extensible are the highlights of this version of D80 drone charging station.

HEISHA D135 drone charging station for DJI Matrice300

The CEO of Heisha Tech will explain the structure, charging type, and other technology information of this drone charging dock.

HEISHA DNEST launch, a ready-to-use drone in a box solution

HEISHA DNEST drone charging station. A ready-to-use, fully automatic flight data collection system. With remote game-like keyboard control of DNEST, the drone can automatically hover during flight. When you are in a cafe and want to introduce your manor to a friend, you can fly the drone and show him directly. What is more, DNEST is your guard in the air, which enables patrol, take photos, and drive away intruders on a daily basis.
D.NEST drone in the box hardware platform solution
Compatible with DJI drones and customizable
Heisha C300M2 automatic drone charging pad for DJI Mavic2 2Pro

A full introduction of Heisha C300M2 automatic drone charging pad for DJI MAVIC2 2PRO, just one click to remote control the drone, live video to see what you want to see. A new security inspection way to protect your property. Based on C300M2, the developer can build more powerful unattended drone station.
An AI investigator visited Heisha( drone charging pad for DJI Mavic)during coronavirus outbreak EP2

An AI investigator visited Heisha and interviewed Heisha CEO. Heisha showed the working process of C300M2 automatic drone charging pad. Heisha finished the communication system between DJI Mavic drone and heisha charging pad.

An AI investigator visited Heisha( drone charging pad for DJI Mavic)during coronavirus outbreak

This video can show you how to Heisha face the coronavirus and what is the strategy of heisha's automated drone charging systems and long-range video transmission. He will show more C300M2-a automatic drone charging pad for DJI Mavic 2/2 pro details and T30 30km wireless video transmission system.

HEISHA D NEST unattended drone system

Heisha D.NEST is the most cost-effective fully automatic drone recharging solution for the autonomous mission. D.Nest solution includes C300M2 charging pad, customized battery, charging gear, Heisha APP, rain cover, cloud server. It takes advanced unattended technology, especially Heisha charging station C300, compatible with all UAVs
HEISHA Automated Charging Pad for DJI Drones Make Totally Automated Drone Applications Possible

HEISHA auto drone charging pad stations special for Dji drone, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic air, Phantom, Matrice series, C200 is a standard type designed for DJI Mavic Air, it has a standard interface for secondary development; in the meanwhile, C200 has a special embrace design what makes the charging much more stable and reliable. What is more amazing is the core parts is very cost effective, if you want to build a charging station for your application, C200 make it faster and lower cost. 

Heisha Tech's automated drone for farm survey

The future farm is coming, a fully automatic drone use to daily farm work. A new way to use the drone, pilots free what makes drone closer to farmers' life!