Vodafone Ukraine together with Drone UA, DTEK and Ericsson used HEISHA DNEST to test the drone's compatibility with 5G
July 7, 2021
The mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine, together with Drone UA, DTEK and Ericsson, successfully tested the full compatibility of drones with the 5G network by HEISHA DNEST DiaB solution at the Ericsson 5G demo center.
Drone technologies using 5G networks will be applied at the Corum Svet Shakhtyora enterprise. The testing is the next stage of construction of Smart Factory 5G at the Corum Svet Shakhtyora machine-building plant in Kharkiv.
As part of the project, a 5G Private Network is being deployed, into which mobile devices, production equipment, various control devices and remote and automated control systems will be integrated. HEISHA DNEST DiaB (Drone in-a-box) solution is helping during the test as part of the automated control system including assisting the drone to automatic take-off, self-landing and automated charge.
"Ericsson's 5G technological network will automate production processes. For the first time in Ukraine, remote control, diagnostics of equipment and buildings using drones and a 360-degree camera will be tested," the message says.
Ukraine government is one of the countries that invest considerable capital in the drone industry to boost their economic growth. Drone UA, the exclusive distributor of HEISHA in Ukraine, is the first company to bring autonomous drone solutions to the country, the successful demonstration has impressed the participated audience and reserves several potential cooperation opportunities in the future. 
HEISHA DNEST is an autonomous drone solution that has successfully compatible with different drones at the same time, both 3S and 4S batteries of drones are all applicable. Besides the basic automated drone landing and charging functions, getting timely monitoring and streaming videos are all available. It is in small size yet strong environmental adaptability DiaB system due to its unique canopy design.