September 20, 2019, Heisha Tech, Shenzhen

Since Heisha launched the new charging pad C300 which is compatible with VTOL fixed wring, Heisha C300 got a lot of media attention. 
Bloomberg shared the news from Heisha. “This is an unbelievable breakthrough in UAVs industrial, we saw the new future of unattended technology development.” One of Bloomberg's editor said.
Drones have become a part of peoples’ life, especially using industrial applications. DJI makes a stormy sea stormier for the development in the civilian market. But how we can make it easier to use, heisha takes a lot of efforts. Heisha’s chief engineer takes one year to improve the performance of Heisha C300 charging pad. 
Now, Heisha opens development protocols and SDK to help partners or solution Integrator to build more complete, more intelligent solutions for terminal customers.