Indoor/Outdoor automatic drone recharging combo for DJI Mavic2/2Pro

Heisha C500 M2 is a fully automatic recharging pad for DJI Mavic 2/2Pro. With the advanced recharging technology and management, C500 M2 can automatically recharge and remote control the Mavic 2/2Pro. Integrated the LTE module, you can get the real-time video wherever you are with mobile internet. It supports 5G. 

Fast charging:45mins 

Easy to carry:
13kg net weight

80*80 cm

Life time: 
>20000 recharging

Internet of drones: Support LTE/5G

Advanced charging safety protection

Open SDK

Mobile APP

Unattended technology Heisha C300 M2 easy to build powerful drone charging station network

Heisha C500 M2 with Mavic 2, an affordable way to realize fully drone’s autonomous, is a landing pad with automatic drone recharging and connected with cloud server to help users watch the real-time video across the regions. Don’t need to consider training a skillful pilot on the ground, lower the cost for hiring and training pilots. No more fretting about drone crashed lost because of pilots’ error. 
Heisha opens for interface and development protocol to support customers’ second development, such as drone in the box solution.

heisha charging pad for police 2

Heisha C500 M2 empower drones to be used in multiple applications

Frequent recharging and battery replacement processes limit the appropriate use of drones in most applications. Drone charging stations is a highly promising solution to empower drones to be used in multiple applications like agriculture, security inspections,Infrastructure management, disaster-relief, delivery service, outdoor-Indoor navigation, exploration of hazardous area which is not safe for humans.
Heisha focus on improve the drone recharging efficiency and safety, C500 M2 was upgraded 2 generations, it can be as a standard core part for more powerful drone charging station. 

C500 M2 stocks~1
Heisha delivers the highest charging rate on the market, maximizing battery life and optimizing your battery maintenance plan. 
Heisha combines all positive aspects of wired charging and the flexibility of wireless systems. 
The result is a safe, powerful, and easy-to-use solution, designed for commercial drones.
Land on the charging pad to automatically recharge any drone without human intervention

15-minute integration with any drone platform. 10-seconds Click & Fly integration with DJI drones

Software platform for remote monitoring, control and diagnostic in the cloud and local network

Unattended technology: Truly unmanned
C500 M2 realized remotely gimble control, picture and video shot. It can independent judgment of take-off conditions.
Quick shot UI

Easy to use
Supports waypoint, once upload the mission, it can be saved. Just need one click to finish the same mission.

Completed tested and proper functioning more than 10 different applications

Patented 3 core technology in the method of charging design, protection solution and management system 

200+ company use Heisha C300M2 build drone outdoor indoor charging station in industrial applications

500+ cities coverage in security, farm survey, powerline inspection, harbor, construction site management


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