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24-hour uninterrupted vibration test passed

Temperature: up to 70 ℃ 

Humidity: 30% -50%RH 

Direct sunlight resistance 

Fatigue test ≥ 5000 times
Industrial level standard
metal union body500X500
All-metal unibody construction for durability
glare protection500X500
Highly integrated design of the internal control PCB, upgraded to achieve 5-in-1 precision control for stable and reliable performance
High integrated 500X500
Adding glare protection devices and position feedback mechanism to the locking bars for it is safer and more stable operation
An innovative drone charging pad for intelligent drone-in-the-box solution

The C500 PLUS is an upgrade to the 3rd generation drone auto-charging board from HEISHA. The aim is to build a more reliable, stable, open, secure and standardized drone automatic charging platform to help developers save time and effort in building intelligent drone station. 

Strong production capacity
Rigorous selection of suppliers to ensure high product quality, with a monthly production capacity of over 500 units and a stockpile of over 50 units/month.

Strong compatibility

The C500 PLUS is compatible with a variety of models, including the DJI Mavic Series, Phantom Series, Inspire Series, M300. Customizable to open-source drones

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Heisha C500PLus drone charging pad stocks
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Roadmap for Heisha products
product time line
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