Case Studies
Case studies of Heisha autonomous drone solutions

HEISHA DPad drone charging pad for warehouse inspection
Time: April 12, 2022
Location: Zhongshan, China
Application: warehouse inspection
Coverage: 30 square kilometers
Device: Heisha DPad drone charging pad
Checking the goods stock in a warehouse is time-consuming work, every warehouse has a team to do it, even though its frequency cannot be assured, and the loss caused by errors that human beings cannot avoid, never ends. 
Drones being applied to warehouse inspection have started for a few years, what stops it from growing is the drone charging problem, all the drone battery charging and changing work requires at least one person to complete. HEISHA DPad drone charging pads have joined the warehouse inspection in Macao and Zhongshan. The inspection range of Zhongshan is about 30 square kilometers.
“No more climbing up and down the stairs, no more putting lives at risk, drone offers a flying camera view to scan the goods number and save it to the data.”
-Mr. Zhou, team leader of the warehouse checking
park patrol by DNEST drone in a box

Time: 2021-11-22 

Location: Parque Bicentenario, Mexico city 

Application: park inspection

Device: Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution (DJI Mavic included)

Parque Bicentenario has about 55 hectares area, 5 areas included, the local government is aimed to make this park an ecosystem friendly environment, thus a bunch of latest technology has been brought in, Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution is included. 

DNEST Diab drone in-a-box solution works for Parque Bicentenario offers a fully autonomous drone system that integrates remote inspection and patrolling with the least cost, highest effective, and easiest operation.

“It is an unprecedented project in Mexico City and one of the largest in the world: for 3 years environmental remediation work was carried out to convert the 55-hectare property into a space where all the ecosystems of the Republic could be housed and totally suitable for the recreation of families.

To achieve this goal, the latest technologies were used to free it from any polluting substance (bioremediation, biopiles, vapor extraction, drones, among other techniques).”

Manager of Parque Bicentenario

d80 drone dock for inspection
Time: 2021-11-06
Location: Fujian Quanzhou, China
Application: drone inspection
Device: Heisha D80 autonomous drone docking station (works with DJI Mavic)

As the Electric Substation of Quanzhou belongs to the national electric company, its assets belong to the government, the security of large and valuable assets matters not only to the electric substation but also to common people’s daily life.
The maintenance department of the Quanzhou Electric Substation really appreciates the convenience that Heisha D80 autonomous drone docking station has brought.
“Our team has to work in shifts to check and make sure all the facilities are running normally, we have 6 people to work from days to nights.” 
-Team leader of the maintenance department

DNEST autonomous drone solution work with DJI Mavic for residential area inspection
Time: 2021-9-12
Location: Panyu, Guangzhou
Applications: Power substation and residential area inspection
Device: Heisha DNEST autonomous drone solution
Besides power supply, the other major work of the Panyu power substation is powerline inspection of the residential area. Before the DNEST drone in-a-box solution join the work, the inspection work can only be carried out manually, if the blackout was happening at the traffic jam time, the delay will cause numerous inconveniences to every family. 
With DNEST autonomous drone system, an operation sits in the substation office controls the drone to take the inspection mission and patrol the substation and power lines of the residential area no matter it’s traffic jam time or not, the problem power line can be located in the shortest time with the zoom-in function of the drone camera. 
“We use a thermal camera on the drone, if the power cable is worn out, the temperature will be abnormal, we will see it through the drone camera, it’s safer than sending a person to check it by hands.” 
-From the Team leader of the maintenance department 
d135 autonomous drone dock for smart city
Time: 2022-02-19
Location: Qingdao Laoshan, China
Coverage: over 200 square kilometers
Network: 10 sites + 1 monitoring center 
Each site deployment: 
1 D135 drone dock
1 DJI Matrice300 +zoom/infrared camera lens
Freesky autonomous drone system V.20
There are five major functions that this DiaB network performs in the smart city program: data collection, automatic inspection, ceaseless flight, quick response, and backup flight when power off. It covers the entire Laoshan district of Qingdao in the most efficient way that human force could ever reach.
Several departments work are relying on the city’s data, from EPD (environmental protection), forestry, emergency management, city management, public security, marine administration, traffic, territories, to real estate. Updating the city’s basic data for these departments is one of the significant roles that the smart city program are playing. 3D videos of the main streets, 720-degree panorama data, and HD pictures can all be collected with DJI Matrice 300 camera for different departments to use.