3M Medical Mask
There are stocks. 
Easy to breathe through
Lightweight and comfortable to use
Polyester, polypropylene, polyisoprene
3 layer mask
Breathable Mask Face Mask Thick 3-Layer Masks
Breathable Carbon Filter, Safety, ear hook mask, dust mask, Anti-Pollution and Allergy mask, Anti-particulate mask
Safety Protective Goggle
100% New and High Quality
Material: PVC
Lens thickness: 1.8-2.0mm
Size: 15cm*7cm*8cm
Lens Color: Transparent
Medical Gloves
Long service life, flexible operation, soft texture, comfortable waring experience
Non-poisonous, harmless and odorless. Made with handpicked formula and advanced technologies, the product is soft, comfortable,
nonskid and easy to operate, with good protection and physical performances
Medical Protective Clothing
No stains or mildew, soft and odorless
Usage method: reverse wear
Contraindication: prohibit to use if allergic to non-woven fabric
Attention: disposable, must be done by medical authority after use 
Storage conditions: in cool and dry, in corrosive air, clean and water-proof, oil-proof, flame-proof.
Transportation: no heavy pressure, no wet, handle with care
D.Nest—Unattended security system
D.NEST as an air guards take the police to inspect in fixed time and fixed place, faster obtain evidence, address the crowd through a loudspeaker remotely.
  • Reduce the risk of policeman getting infection
  • Reduce the crime rate, drone automatically and frequently cruise, reduced the theft
  • Save the police and more efficiency, set the appropriate point to cover the epidemic area without police and see the real-time video at police office
  • Remote command, reducing the conflict between police and citizens
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