Strong adaptability
Compatible with all VTOL UAVs. Besides DJI and other open-source UAV, D. NEST can also work with VOTL planes
Change the way of using drones
No license, the drone can be fully automatic flight, automatic charging, and can be controlled any time any where through an app
Easy to use
Self-checking, just one click to get ready, one click to go, one button to take a video

Robust and reliable
Special design for charging safety and efficiency, specially-made canopy for all weathers

D.NEST S300 Live Stream Your Private Property In The Air, Anytime, Anywhere

The first generation of D.NEST S300 is a combo based on HEISHA C300 charging pad. It includes a charging pad C300 and a multi-rotor drone

Live HD Video Feed

Get instant updates & a ‘bird’s eye view’ high quality video feed of your own farm over the cloud/local network anywhere anytime.

Scheduled Patrols

You can start your day by starting to plan and execute UAV patrols over your farm; split large regions into zones for broad, for effective surveillance.

Easy to operate

Pilots free, pre-flight self-checking take-off, one button to take off and photoshots. 

Reliable, adapt to the environment and easy to maintain
Adopt advanced structural design, canopy for rain-proof, All system has multiple protection mechanism, the drone cannot take off if self-checking fails, if the battery low, the charging pad will not open.
Professional after-sales service
We have a professional technical support team to take of all after-sales services.


Farm Inspection
Farm Inspection
Pasture Inspection
Pasture Inspection
Forest Inspection
Forest Inspection
Warehouse Inspection
Warehouse Inspection


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