Smaller & More compact

D50 is a compact and pragmatic drone-in-a-box hardware, with IP55 rating, it is rainproof and snowproof, portable and mobile, and detachable.  Most importantly, its smart charging is fast, safe, and stable. D50 drone charging station is widely compatible with 2s-4s drones, and guarded by a thermal insulation layer and inverter compressor air conditioner. Its smart controlling system works with multiple sensors to ensure drone charging under safe temperatures and conditions, monitoring and adjusting remotely is one of the most splendid features as well.

Total weight

IP 55

40 Mins
Charging time

Battery compatibility
Multiple protection measures including over-current, overvoltage, anti-reverse connection, overload and power-off protection are taken to guarantee the safety of drone charging. The charging contact is newly upgraded and provides stable charging, large current charging is also good to go.
The charging current and voltage are adjustable and programmable based on the condition of the drone battery. Support constant voltage and constant current charging. 

D50 drone charging station (1)
Widely compatible with 2s-4s drones
compatible drones of D50 drone dock
compatible drones of D50 drone in a box
D50 drone charging station has revolutionarily magnified its compatibility, charging for drone batteries from 2s to 4s are all doable, which includes DJI Mavic, Phantom, Autel, Parrot, and Skydio drones. The retrofitted landing gear of the D50 drone docking station suits all the above drones, and so does the remote controller base. A controlling board of the remote controller provides a stable link, besides supporting the large voltage charging of the RC, it also monitors the switch condition of the RC and the connection condition of Type C connector.
There is an entire sensor system that covers the whole D50 autonomous drone solution to monitor the D50 drone dock and drone’s running condition, a couple of sensors including infrared temperature, smog, water level, temperature, and humidity sensors are all ready to send real-time dock condition to the control center to tell if the condition is good and safe enough for taking a flight mission. If the drone dock temperature is beyond the safe temperature for charging a drone, the air conditioner will initiate and adjust the temperature to the proper degree before starting to charge, which guarantees a safe and high-efficient charge of drones. 
The canopy will automatically close after detecting the drone’s safe landing to maximize the air conditioning effect. 

Energy saver mode & multiple control mode
There are five modes of D50’s AC system: powerful cool mode, powerful heat mode, constant temperature mode, safe charging mode, and Energy saver mode.
infrared sensor of D50 drone charging station-1
Temperature Management
air conditioner of D50 drone dock
D50 autonomous drone solutions adopts the thermal insulation layer to isolate the external extreme hot or cold temperature and uses the sealing strips to boost the performance of the built-in air conditioner.

Independently developed and highly integrated air conditioner with cooling and heating dual air conducts for being applied in different seasons and latitudes, using the heating conduct in winter and cooling conduct in summer, but its size is smaller than ever. The air conditioner also contains an air exchange system and is specially designed to keep it from bugs and dust. 
Both the air conditioner and the controlling units are concluded by two boxes and all can be pulled out of the D50 drone dock in order to make the maintenance work easier.

Q100 remote monitoring & maintenance system
HEISHA Q100 is a remote monitoring and maintenance system, no need to send people to the site and check what stops the D50 drone dock from working anymore. You can check the canopy, charge bars, charging, air conditioner, remote controller, and weather station online under the “homepage”, and manually control them to unlock or charge the drone in the “Maintenance” menu, the system will also alarm you in the “Message Center” if any error is detected.
Q100 remote monitoring and maintenance system
Born to be a traveler


Size (canopy opened, weather station excluded)
916×700mm×447 mm (L×W×H)
Size (canopy closed, weather station excluded)
916mm×700mm×685mm (L×W×H)
Input voltage
100~240 VAC, 47~63 Hz
Output voltage
7.4 ~ 52.2 V
1500 W MAX
Working temperature
Charging protection
Anti reverse, over-current and overvoltage protection 
IP rate
Contained drone
Aluminum, stainless steel, glass fiber
Charging time
30-45 minutes
External dual antennas
Equivalent omnidirectional radiated power (EIRP)
2.4 GHz: <33 dBm(FCC);  <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC) 
5.8 GHz:<33 dBm (FCC);  <14 dBm(CE); <23 dBm (SRRC)
Air conditioner type
Inverter compressor air conditioner
Voltage of AC
24 VDC
Ethernet access
10/100/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet 
Wind speed/ rain/ environment temperature/ water level/ temperature and humidity inside the dock
Monitoring camera inside D50
Resolution ratio: 1920*1080P
Field of view (FOV) : 150°
Fill light
Support warm white and cool white
AC connector
40 KA (8/20us waveform), meet the protection level of EN/IEC 61643-11’s TYPE 2
Ethernet connector
1.5 KA (8/20us waveform), meet the protection level of EN/IEC 61643-21’s CATEGORY C
Extension ability
Protocol: SDK Modbus
D50 drone dock provides charging and data connectors
Air conditioner  

Cooling capacity (W)
Rated power input for cooling(W)
Heating capacity (W)
Rated power input for heating(W)
Heating type
PTC heat (with temperature protection)

Packing list
JX100 (box of controlling module)

AC200 (air conditioner)

PDA (local adjustment pad)+M100+Q100

D50 drone dock

CL500 (retrofitted landing gear)

CB500 (modified drone battery)

Power cable
Productive capacity 

10 sets of D50 in stock for each season
Standard delivery time: 20 workdays
Current productive capacity: 200 sets per month

Payment method: 
50% deposit, the rest shall be paid off before goods are shipped.

After-sale policy: 
one-year warranty, provide the development support documents and remote technical support for linking up.

D50 autonomous drone dock for solar power plant inspection