D80 version 3.0 is an industrial and professional automatic drone-charging station launched by HEISHA, which composes of an automatic charging pad, a charging landing gear for the drone, a customized battery, and a canopy, K100 control module, T3 control tower with weather station (include AI computer, remote control base, night lighting, surveillance camera, router, and weather sensors). The new D80 comes with optional accessories, such as UPS and solar charging.  The new D80 also has the new A100 temperature sensing and control system that has greatly improve the environmental adaptability.
Autonomous drone kit

HEISHA designed and released an autonomous drone kit (ADK).  Based on D80 drone-in-a-box, ADK is ready for sale. 

  • Realize all kinds of drones automatically charging and remote switch on/off
  • Collection RC real-time status and simulation type-c plug in and plug out
  • Compatible with 2s-12s battery 

Smarter and Safer
HEISHA D80 Pro Drone Charging Station

1. Intelligent and safe charging with comprehensive temperature control and new air duct design
(1) Compatible with 3S-12S battery
(2) Optimized drone landing gear
(3) New A/C control and sensors
(4) New air duct design, better internal temperature control
(5) Fire alarm and firefighting device, in the case of battery fire, it can protect the key components within.

A truly safe and intelligent charging station with all-round protections for battery.

2. Remote maintenance, stable performance
(1) New Q100 remote diagnostic system
(2) Problems fixed, such as remote control offline, drone offline, charging bar jam, A/C not strong enough, charging module, etc.,
(3) Through the local network, control system can be remotely RESET.

Truly remote management and long-term stable unmanned operation.

3. Reliable environmental adaptability
(1) Solar power and UPS to solve the problem of power supply in remote area
(2) 4G/5G to solve the problem of Internet access
(3) Weather sensors, etc. to solve the problem of safe takeoff
(4) Alarm, electronic lock, GPS, remote control, etc. to solve the security problem

Truly solve the unmanned management problems in remote areas.

4. Easy remote integration
(1) D80 is a completely independent device in the internet, developers can remotely test the software integration
(2) With MQTT-based SDK, command software can be quickly developed and easily tested 
(3) Setting up a dedicated testing unit, software partners can apply for remote Integration

Enable the charging station to become an independent IoT node, software and 5G drone developers can easily integrate remotely.

5. Production delivery capability
(1) CE,FCC, and third-party quality certificate
(2) Standard production capacity of 100 units per month, Max.200 at the current factory set up.
(3) Brand new packaging, accessories, instructions
(4) Upgraded quality inspection method
(5) Small stocks to ensure that urgent sample purchases, delivery within three days

Compatibility With Wide Range of drone models
HEISHA D80 Pro Drone Charging Station

D80 drone dock compatible drones
Compatible drones:
Besides DJI Mavic series and Phantom, HEISHA D80 drone charging station is also compatible with Autel, Parrot, and Skydio drones. However, the compatibility doesn’t mean that different drones can share the same drone dock, it is an Achilles’ heel in the whole industry that many customers have been brought up repeatedly. Now D80 drone dock has made it, not just compatible, but can be used between Mavic, Phantom, and Autel at the same time.
D80 drone dock compatible software
Compatible software platforms:
HEISHA D80 drone auto-charging solution is compatible with FlytBase, High Lander, SKYWARD, SKYGRID, SKYCATCH, DRONEDEPOLY, KETTYHAWK, precision hawk, DJI Flighthub, Freesky, and your own development software system.

Excellent Performance of D80
Drone charging station core components and technology details
  • MQTT based SDK
  • Q100 system for remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • Compatibility with different battery type

  • Independently developed drone controlling module HEISHA K100
  • Excellent performance,  all status can be monitored
  • Independent internet node, no need for physically connection with the SBC
  • High environmental adaptability-Equipped with industrial air conditioners
  • The weather station integrates different kinds of sensors to ensure the flight mission under safe condition 
  • Additional indicator light is built-in to achieve carefree night flight
  • External chassis is equipped, with high scalability and no need to disassemble the station structure
  • The sixth-generation charging board is adopted to increase this drone self-charging station’s using efficiency and make mechanical transmission quieter (by minimizing mechanical noise)

Core components
K100 control board-small
Independently designed and developed PCB control including 
charging, centering, air conditioning, communication, and canopy switching, convenient for diagnosis and replacement.
C600 Plus 透明底
Adopts the classic and the most stable centralizing drone charging type. The sixth generation of drone charging pad with lowered down motors. Bigger landing and charging pad, more stable and with lower mechanicalness noise.

HEISHA T3 drone control tower
T3 drone control tower
T3 DC tower (with AI computer, 4G/5G module, remote control base, indicator and surveillance camera integrated), several weather sensors are included in the weather station. Megaphone, and solar charging are also compatible.
D.NEST drone in a box
Minimalist mechanical design, stable and reliable. Tested over 5000 times for stable and reliable performance. Fully functional even in the snow days.
Optional Accessories
solar_panel_PNG62 1
Solar Panel
High power and efficient solar panel for power supply at remote areas.

Power back up power source with 8 hours of operation time.

Fast Delivery

100 sets of D80 drone docks to be delivered in 20 workdays. 
Three days after August for urgent orders (must be paid clear and only 10 sets for each month).

Purchase After Test

A dedicated test unit is set up for software partners to do remote integration with the command software via our MQTT SDK before the actual procurement, releasing their financial pressure.
HEISHA Drone Charging Station D80 Road map
D80 road map en
Packing list
packing list of D80 drone dock
Applications of D80


Product size

(Closed):1067*890*934 mm

(Opened): 1067*890*515 mm

Product weight

75 kg

Protection level



All- aluminium alloy

 sheet metal processing

Working power

(Standard working condition):≤1kw

(Peak working condition):≤3kw 

Power requirement

AC 220/110 V

Max. Charging current

Working temp.

-20 ℃~55℃

Drone capacity


Installation site

Ground or roof

Operation mode

Fully automated

Charging time

45 mins for Mavic 2(Depends on the drone type)

Recycling method

Autonomous and precise landing (visible)

Drone power supply method

Charging via wire


Over-current, overvoltage, anti-reverse connection, 

electrostatic, lightning, overload, power-off protection

Constant temperature system

Constant temperature system

Remote monitoring

Remote image transmission, monitoring around the airport

Operation life

≥5000 hours