D.NEST F300 Product Design Intent
The unmanned technology has far developed to a tipping point that even the way of how use the drone in our daily life has been revolutionized. D.NEST F300 is a VOTL fixed-wing auto-charging solution designed for missions that require long-endurance, fast speed, and high efficiency. Featuring HEISHA C300 charging pad, a light VTOL fixed-wing aircraft and HEISHA patented telemetry module, the system is simple to use, stable and cost-effective, an ideal solution for routine inspection missions in a large area

Flight time
1 hour

Transmission range
5 km

Autonomous Flight speed

Charging time
1 hour


Widely coverage single flight 
Take the advanced HD transmission technology what makes the system have an excellent video and image transmission range. Combine the LTE with the RF technology, realizing remote watch the real-time video

Automated & smart 
With the capacity of automatic take-off and landing, automatic recharging, self-checking, HEISHA D.NEST F300 is pilot free and fully autonomous flight

High efficiency 
Based on the VTOL unmanned aircraft to design the unattended system, so the system has all the advantage of VTOL unmanned aircraft.

Components (Sold separate)

A modular combined with RF module and LTE module, support 2.4G/5.8G frequency. 
It can reach 5 km transmission range in a city environment, up to 30 km in empty space.
A precision landing modular can help the drone or any unmanned aircraft landing to the appointed place. The landing accuracy is less than 40cm.


Land construction/survey
Open pit mining
Environment protection
Surveillance & security
Law enforcement


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