DStation has integrated the industrial drone DJI Matrice300, cost-efficient Freesky software, with the robust Heisha D135 autonomous drone docking hardware. With the advantage of long flight time, remote operation of a scheduled mission for inspecting city blocks with the least human resources involved, or first response to an emergency wildfire in a national park in a few minutes. When it comes to updating a city’s data, you couldn’t find a higher efficient solution than DStation.
Born for Inspection missions
heisha drone dock for smart city
With the DStation, all the flight missions are taken within the Geofence to assure the drone safety, you can inspect a power plant at the least maintenance cost and without putting lives at risk, check a Highway incident from hundred miles away without sending policemen to the site. If the department of real estate wants to check construction sites, DStation can send a drone to the specific site and check every corner from different perspectives. Taking a look at a solar farm without exposing several people to the hottest temperature is also one of the handiest applications DStation autonomous drone solution has been applying to, control the drone to change the thermal camera with Freesky only takes a click.
DStation makes a city smarter
heisha drone dock for smart city
In a smart city case, DStation works likes a lieutenant, sending drones to execute daily regular and emergent inspection flight missions after receiving commanders from Freesky OS, which only takes few minutes after the cloud center gathered information from different departments and processed the data. No matter it is the environment protection department requires to check on a river and see if there is pollution, or the traffic department need to find out which caused the traffic jam happened on a busy street, all can be done in the shortest time and with the least people involved. Technology makes the city management smarter has been displayed splendidly with the participate of DStation autonomous drone docking solution.
Safety matters most
geo fence
Geo fence protection
camera of d135 drone dock
Monitoring modules
(cameras+internal monitoring modules)
Double-assurance Precision landing
Double-assurance Precision landing
Heisha puts the safety of drone charging before every other aspect and takes every tiny detail into consideration to minimize the potential risk. The Geofence is a must set before each flight, otherwise, the flight mission cannot be carried out. Based on over three years’ test, the precision landing of all Heisha drone docking stations reach 99.99% thanks to the double-assurance landing technology, the QR code recognition, and the IR lock. QR code recognition has tremendously enhanced the precision landing, it is a revolutionary element, with the add-in of IR lock, losing the trace of a drone is not easy anymore. The monitoring camera is on the T3 drone control tower, which provides the real-time monitoring of the drone and D135 drone dock. Several monitoring modules, like M100 remotely monitoring and diagnosis module, are included to ensure the drone and charging safety and make easier maintenance work.
In the package
freesky os
Freesky OS allows the user to remotely control the D135 drone dock to charge a drone anywhere around the world as long as there is internet access or 4G/5G. Taking a preset mission, scheduled mission, or manual flight mission can all be done with Freesky. One-key take-off, Zoom in and out the camera to take a look at the site, capturing photos, videos, and 720-degree panorama videos are all available. Return to the charging dock and charge the drone only takes a click.
heisha d135 drone dock
D135 industrial-grade autonomous drone docking station is covered by stainless steel, which gives it a robust performance of being placed in the most severe environment. The T3 drone control tower with an integrated weather station is added to make sure the remotely controlled flight mission is taken under suitable condition. Other intelligent controlling units are built-in for smart charging of a drone, such as the air conditioning and air conduct system, programmable drone charging module, T100 IoT drone communication module, etc. All for a smart and safe drone charging.
M300 drone
M300 is the unbeatable champion in the drone industry, especially at the industrial level. It is the first choice of many drone service providers as M300 suits almost every application with up to 40 minutes flight time, reliable performance, global maintenance network. Photos, videos, and mapping data being taken by its camera have better accuracy due to the Differential Global Positioning System, which makes it even more popular.