DNEST Exclusive Partner Wanted
Exclusive distribution map
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Mexico has been granted.
Korea has been granted.
Ukraine has been granted.
South Africa has been granted.
Ghana has been granted.
USA is not available for exclusivity.
China is not available for exclusivity.
Application Procedure

  1. Contact us - Get HEISHA on WhatsApp
  2. Video conference and interview.
  3. HEISHA will offer a principally approval, agreement and bank account. 
  4. Applicant signs the agreement and pay for the sample order. First pay and first serve. 
  5. HEISHA will deliver the sample and exclusive partner certificate.


1.Who Would Not Be Suggested for The Program?
 Good communication is the key for our cooperation. If you often lose contact and always respond inefficiently, you will be considered not able to keep up with the pace of our product optimization. We are looking for deep relations partners with whom we can develop products together, not simply DEALERS.
2.What If I Want to Apply for Multiple Country Exclusivity?
 In principle, our partner would need a demo sample for each country, so that tests and demonstrations can be done locally. If you do have a branch, a team, and a demo site for each country, you can apply more counties.

 3.What If Many Dealers Apply the Exclusive Dealership for the Same Country?
 First come first serve.