HEISHA D. NEST—An intelligent and automatic tool for future farm
13th 10, 2020 HEISHA 
Drone as an air data capture tool has become a common way in agriculture application. But it is still far to be a friendly tool in our daily life. Needing a professional pilot limits the development of drone industry. People need smarter, simple and useful tool not a complicated technology product. HEISHA D. NEST is a fully automatic drone charging base and landing pad. Never need any pilots if you have a D. NEST. 

One of HEISHA clients from USA purchased a D. NEST to detect the farm every day. Since he put a D. NEST at the site of his farm, he can watch the real-time video anywhere anytime. “When I want to see how my plant grow, or when I want to see the real-time situation around my farm, I can remote control the drone via my smart phone. I don’t need to worry I can’t fly the drone, and I don't have to worry about charging problems, the D. NEST make my farm detection easier and faster. This is a good tool.” The farm owner said.

HEISHA D. NEST is the third-generation product, even it has been upgraded so many times, but it is not enough. Proving stable and cost-effective drone charging and landing base is the value of HEISHA.