K100 drone charging pad controller
Motor drive and control
Why did HEISHA take so much time to develop K100? In the beginning, HEISHA build drone charging pad for customer. When we delivered more than 100 units drone charging pad to customer, we found that we must design and develop our own PCB control, it is the only way to make sure the products are most stable in the market. So far, the K100 has been passed through 2 generations tests. The K100 is $189 USD dollars. HEISHA is willing to contribute to unattended technology development.

Hardware features
Power supply: DC17.6V
72M ARM processor
4-in-1 step motor Driver, adapted 28/35/42/57 series, four drives can be enabled separately
The 8-way DI is used for the positive and negative rotation limit
2 way UART
8 way universal IO
2 way 4S lithium battery charging interface enabling control, either output
One channel relay output
Monitoring of charging voltage, current and power
Charging saturation indication

Software features
Simple serial port control protocol
Modbus control protocol
A single command to control the positioning bar receive and release.
A single command to control the drone on and off.
A single command to control the remoter controller on/off Single command control drone charging.
Forward and reverse limit switch fault monitoring.
Protection of the positioning bar against abnormal operation.
Charging board operating status feedback.
Drone charging status feedback.
Configurable IO input and output directions.
Command to control the generic IO output level.
2 UARTs can be configured for bi-directional pass-through mode.
Support serial firmware

K100 wiring diagram
K100 Specifications

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