C500 зарядная панель беспилотника
C500 зарядная панель беспилотникаC500 PLUS-1



Automatic drone charging pad for developers
Freight and taxes are not included

Voltage: 110/220V
Charging current: Max.6A
Size: 800*800 mm
Standard port: TTL

More than 1000 tests for positioning bar control, and has tested 5 different drone models. Heisha chosen surrounded charging type after tried wireless charging and change battery. The surrounded charging is a fastest, most stable and cost-effective way. 

Charging safety
Heisha took advanced technology in charging control. The charging voltage and current can be real-time collection. Heisha also has protective circuit to make sure the drone battery recharging safety.

Easy to use
There is enough space to extend different modules.


In the box:
C500PLUS charging pad *1
Charging cable *1
Warranty card *1

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