By simply putting a drone near the Drone Control (DC) Tower, the drone can be remotely controlled to undertake flight missions and take videos, capture photos, even sending the collected data to the cloud and analyze them by professional software.
DC Tower is the easiest, reliable and high-efficient drone controlling system with the least cost (on professional pilot and equipment).

A reliable & pilot-free UAV controlling platform

Unlike a DNEST drone docking station, which is completely unmanned and autonomous. DC Tower only achieves the pilot-free operation, no professional pilot is required to execute a flight mission, any people like a guard or a driver can do it without professional drone technology training. To get real-time aerial data and the following data analysis can be this easy.

Workflow of T3 Drone Control Tower

work flow of T3 drone control tower

Compatible software

Compatible software of T3 drone control tower

T3 Drone Control Tower Applications

Inspection & monitoring
Provide access to UAV flight routine, frequency, and real-time data to inspect and monitor the large size of fields.

Survey & mapping
Collect aerial data of inaccessible terrain and locations for the flight mission of survey and mapping.

Agriculture management
Gather information  in different seasons to track the pesticide and the fertilizer effect of each kind of crop.

Construction planning & management
Analyze the captured data to plan and manage the construction process and make  timely adjustments.

Emergency response
Access and survey damage, locate victims and deliver medical aid. Monitor fire and identify fire sources efficiently.

Packing List

Standard version
Tower base
Electric box
T100 control board
Night indicator
Monitoring camera
4G Router
Remote controller base
Weather sensors
Omnidirectional antenna
Lightning rod