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Heisha offers video & Data Link specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones and autonomous UAV systems. By employing leading wireless technologies, Heisha delivers long-range and Non-Line of Sight (N-LOS) communication data link that supports 5.8GHz, the transmission range can reach 30km+. No transmitted stream limited. The Image quality in 30km is same as the first one kilometer. 
Heisha designs and manufactures air-to-ground video data links and innovative, easy to operate receivers to deliver video and data over RF and data networks. Ideal for manned and unmanned, fixed and rotor-wing aircraft, land and sea vehicles.

Heisha T30 promotion

To let the customer reassurance, Heisha provides 10 sets T30 and T5 to try out, then pay when you are satisfied. Begin from 27th Feb 2020. First come first serve.



Heisha T30 30km wireless HD video and data link

T30 4
The Heisha T30 OFDM HD transmission system provides a digital 5.8GHz link that can be used to transmit both data and HD video for industrial drones and commercial robots. The directive ground antenna is mounted on the receiver end. The exceptional noise filtering methods and 200mW transmit power provides up to 30KM HD video and telemetry. The antenna and tripod system folds down to a compact size for easy transport, and field assembly is tool-less and easy.
  • Long range: >30km
  • No transmitted stream limited
  • Low latency: ≤150ms
  • 1080P/60fps Full HD

Heisha T5 5km wireless HD video and data link

T5 Heisha Video Transmission
Heisha T5 supports Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint communication, thereby enabling various modes of operation such as communication for multi-drone operations and drone communication to multiple viewers (receivers). It supports full HD digital video output at 1080P for fixed-wing, multi-rotor drone, or any intelligent robots.
  • Long range: >5km
  • Low latency: ≤150ms
  • 1080P/60fps Full HD
Technology Breakthroughs

  • More than 25 patented technologies 
  • The video is smooth and the range is more than 5 km endorsed by thousands of tests 
  • Applying noise reduction technology, HD clarity image meets the requirements of professional photographers
  • Advanced transmission technology: Adopting the latest wireless transmission technology, the duplex wireless HDMI transmitters can receive video much faster with higher quality

Heisha is a technology-driven company. The company invested heavily in the R&D of autonomous technologies and is the driving force behind the rise of the intelligent hardware, such as drone charging pad, 5km+, and 30km+ wireless video transmitter, industrial high voltage electronic speed controller. Heisha is redefining the meaning of "Design in China".


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