T.NET industrial-grade wireless video monitoring system is ramping up real-time security monitoring in areas without network coverage, composed of RF technology and WiFi technology, which can realize cloud management and private LAN monitoring. Especially for remote mining areas security monitoring, forest security, wildlife security, oil and gas areas, railway tunnel construction monitoring, water vessel monitoring, tourism area monitoring system.
  • Flexible networking
  • Easy for installation
  • Long range transmission range
  • 1080P HD image 
  • Stable and reliable
  • IP 67

Core Components

Video Transmitter
5km HD Wireless Video Transmission System in 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz
Resolution:40 million Pixel pitch
View Angle:170°
Heisha 4K HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer
The Heisha 4K HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer allows Ultra-HD video from four T5/T30 sources to be simultaneously displayed on a single HDMI monitor in real time. It is capable of displaying the video signals in quad, dual or full screen mode
4K HDMI Extender
Enabling connection distances of up to 100m to be achieved at 1080p resolution using CAT-6 cable


Monitor Remote Operations
Stay connected to your daily operations on a remote construction site by monitoring them with your wireless surveillance system. This allows you to manage construction workers, employee activities, and streamline workflow based on live or recorded video footage of your business or organization during working hours.
Event Video Surveillance
For setting up a temporary video surveillance in crowd control event, the wireless monitor camera can prevent crime by providing security staff with real-time images from an event. Zoom in on suspicious behavior before it becomes a problem with modern IP HD surveillance systems.
Island Security
In Islands where wired security is difficult to set up. our wireless security would come in handy. Whether it's a private property or a holiday resort, some level of security is required, you can rely on remote wireless security experts to monitor your system live and react quickly to any activity on your site.


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