20th February,2020 Posted by Heisha

In the end of 2019, the Mexico City mayor inspected of the results of police work in Mexico City. The mayor gave highly comments for the police introduced high technology to empower the security works.
The mayor mainly visited the Mexico City police office to see how the unmanned drone system to help security work. When the mayor saw the drone can do the routine inspection fully no one participate in the whole process, the police officers just keep watching the display in the office. Equivalent to all police officers have a sky eye watching the real-time situations.

Heisha provides the automatic charging pad, which is core parts for the whole unmanned drone station. The local media reported the demonstration, which caused a great sensation.

Heisha is a tech drive company, focus on the development of drone automatic charging system and long range video transmitter. We open for the cooperation and warmly welcome talented person to join in Heisha Tech!