100 standard drone docks in 20 days are what HEISHA can produce now

Now about twenty to forty standard DNEST drones in a box and D80 drone docks are shipped to different countries, the following quality control process is also assured. 100 sets of fully inspected drone docks in 20 days are what HEISHA can make currently. 

HEISHA K100 control boards VS PLC

Comparison between a Programmable Logic Controller and HEISHA K100 control board, including the size and major units aspect (drone charging control board and air conditioning control board), and why K100 is chosen for the long-term development of HEISHA drone charging stations.

HEISHA D135 drone dock flight demo in Chongqing

A full flight operation demo of D135 drone dock in Chongqing, China. Includes start the drone dock, start the inspection mission, video and image capturing, end the flight, and results display.

HEISHA DNEST Autel EVO & DJI Mavic compatible version

Fly demo of DNEST (drone in-a-box) Autel EVO version under 5 wind force with 3cm precision landing error, adopts the newest HEISHA self-developed smart drone charging board that is compatible with Autel EVO 3S and DJI Mavic 4S drone battery for charging.

HEISHA D80 Industrial drone charging dock for outdoor

The upgraded HEISHA D80 industrial drone charging dock for outdoor use, include the new version of K100 control board, new dust-proof structure, and the integrated weather station with programmable digital sensors. Easy for maintenance, industrial grade, and strong extensible are the highlights of this version of D80 drone charging station.

HEISHA D135 drone charging station for DJI Matrice300

The CEO of Heisha Tech will explain the structure, charging type, and other technology information of this drone charging dock.

HEISHA DNEST launch, a ready-to-use drone in a box solution

HEISHA DNEST drone charging station. A ready-to-use, fully automatic flight data collection system. With remote game-like keyboard control of DNEST, the drone can automatically hover during flight. When you are in a cafe and want to introduce your manor to a friend, you can fly the drone and show him directly. What is more, DNEST is your guard in the air, which enables patrol, take photos, and drive away intruders on a daily basis.
D.NEST drone in the box hardware platform solution
Compatible with DJI drones and customizable
Heisha C300M2 automatic drone charging pad for DJI Mavic2 2Pro

A full introduction of Heisha C300M2 automatic drone charging pad for DJI MAVIC2 2PRO, just one click to remote control the drone, live video to see what you want to see. A new security inspection way to protect your property. Based on C300M2, the developer can build more powerful unattended drone station.
An AI investigator visited Heisha( drone charging pad for DJI Mavic)during coronavirus outbreak EP2

An AI investigator visited Heisha and interviewed Heisha CEO. Heisha showed the working process of C300M2 automatic drone charging pad. Heisha finished the communication system between DJI Mavic drone and heisha charging pad.

An AI investigator visited Heisha( drone charging pad for DJI Mavic)during coronavirus outbreak

This video can show you how to Heisha face the coronavirus and what is the strategy of heisha's automated drone charging systems and long-range video transmission. He will show more C300M2-a automatic drone charging pad for DJI Mavic 2/2 pro details and T30 30km wireless video transmission system.

HEISHA D NEST unattended drone system

Heisha D.NEST is the most cost-effective fully automatic drone recharging solution for the autonomous mission. D.Nest solution includes C300M2 charging pad, customized battery, charging gear, Heisha APP, rain cover, cloud server. It takes advanced unattended technology, especially Heisha charging station C300, compatible with all UAVs
HEISHA Automated Charging Pad for DJI Drones Make Totally Automated Drone Applications Possible

HEISHA auto drone charging pad stations special for Dji drone, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic air, Phantom, Matrice series, C200 is a standard type designed for DJI Mavic Air, it has a standard interface for secondary development; in the meanwhile, C200 has a special embrace design what makes the charging much more stable and reliable. What is more amazing is the core parts is very cost effective, if you want to build a charging station for your application, C200 make it faster and lower cost. 

Heisha Tech's automated drone for farm survey

The future farm is coming, a fully automatic drone use to daily farm work. A new way to use the drone, pilots free what makes drone closer to farmers' life!