20th August 2020, the branch company of China Unicom in Hunan province received HEISHA D. NEST-drone in the box solution for a smart city pilot project. China Unicom is building an intelligent smart city network for the internet of everything. HEISHA provides D.NEST- unattended drone system. 

As drone recharging device, D.NEST makes the drone truly unmanned and smart. Under the blessing of 5G, the value of drones is booming up. In the future, the D.NEST like air guard and capture the data anytime anywhere. For the personal, we can see the view like a bird eye via smart phone wherever we are. 

The D.NEST can be powered by solar energy. In the middle of nowhere, we can set a D.NEST with solar panel, the D.NEST can inspect the field and transfer the data in real-time.

HEISHA opens for business partner and joint development cooperation.