C300 Drone Charging Pad

As a leader of automatic drone charging solution provider, through Adaptive Wired Charging and Intelligent Power Management, Heisha provides a turnkey solution to automatically remote-charge commercial drones.
Our drone charging pad/ drone charging dock take the advanced precision positioning and data communicate technology to help the clients build their own self-contained, weatherproof,  powerful drone charging base station . 
These two parts have professional engineer focusing on the design and upgrade. 
Heisha takes strict management of product quality, testing, material selection, process, specifications to the extreme and master the know-how, we can quickly expand the production floor in the future, or to partner with the excellent manufacturer for the work. The charging pads seem like a simple product, but there is a lot of work to be done for perfecting the details. Heisha keeps optimizing the product details every day. 

Heisha does not build a complete unattended drone solution, we focus on improving the drone charging pad's quality
to help clients easier and lower spend developing more powerful autonomous drone stations.

Land on the charging pad to automatically recharge any drone without human intervention.

15-minute integration with any drone platform. 10-seconds Click & Fly integration with DJI drones.

Software platform for remote monitoring, control and diagnostic in the cloud and local network.

Heisha Tech Drone Charging Pad


•Vision based precision landing technology centimeter-level accuracy
•Unique locking structure for high reliability and safety
•Standard API, easy for further development
•Fast charge at high environmental temperature
•High compatibility with all VOTL drones, including the entire series of DJI
•Get live HD video feed (up to 4K) over the cloud with latency <1 sec over 4G/5G
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C200 Drone Charging Pad

Designed for autonomous drone solution integrator, C200 is a reliable and safety drone recharging landing pad.  Land your drone on the charging pad, no matter the position, your drone will be put in the home position by the re-position bar then start charging automatically
mutli-interface and serial port are reserved in advance for increasing the system expansion and integration ability

  • Control interface: TTL
  • The charging current is adjustable, max. 6A
  • Input Voltage: 17.5V DC
  • Size: 80*80cm
  • Charging time: fast charging 
  • Portable
  • Two in one, drone auto-charger with landing pad

HEISHA drone charging pad

Our technology & Patents

Heisha’s D.Lock, a module designed for Drones and robot automation, machine vision, precision landing, computer vision, GPS denied navigation, Pixhawk, IRIS, Solo, Ardupilot . The detection range can reach to 500cm. The accuracy is up to 5cm.

A module combined with RF module and LTE module, support 2.4G/5.8G frequency. 
It can reach 5 km transmission range in a city environment, up to 30 km in empty space.
Tailored DJI battery for fast charging and connected to the charging landing gear to realize the automatic charging by Heisha charging pad or any other external power supply
A light charging landing gear for DJI’s drone, making the DJI’s drone charging automatically possible, it can be customized for all types of DJI drones.


Our Product Manager

Wei Huang. Ph.D
Chief Technical Officer
  • Ph.D of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, more than 5 years experience of developing core algorithms for UAV flight control 
  • Independently completed the development of UAV ground station software system 
  • Completed the prototype development of UAV formation flight 
  • Independently developed the full digital simulation system of fighter aircraft 
Qiuxiong Liao
Senior Engineer
  • More than 20 years experience of UAV development and integration 
  • Won the first prize in the flying competition
  • Independently developed the hardware of automatic charging platform
  • Independently developed all kinds of UAVs, such as consumer and industrial

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