Customized autonomous drone dock for coastal surveillance

May 8, 2022

Heisha custom drone dock is being applied for coastal surveillance in Dapeng District, Shenzhen. This custom is from a local drone service provider, Heisha has provides the internal drone charging units including the charging pad, PCB charging control board, retrofit landing gear, and modified drone battery. 

This drone dock is deployed at a seashore for the China Water Affairs, being used for regular surveillance and emergency response. The fishing closed season in the Dapeng district is from May to the middle of August, using a drone to patrol requires the least human resources and is convenient, the only left problem of recharging is solved with the participation of the Heisha drone charging dock. Fly a drone remotely works perfectly with the Heisha drone charging station, it may help to save a life due to the quick response time as people drowned in this area every year. It only takes a few minutes from opening the command center to fly a drone to the sky, a drone can locate a missing person immediately by working with an infrared camera. 

Unlike other typical Heisha drone charging docks with the dome design, this custom drone dock is using two square covers, Heisha drone charging pad works seamlessly with this new appearance, automatic precision landing, and autonomous centering and recharging work all pretty smoothly. 

Heisha is working on charging for robots, the robot charging station is also customizable, from the size to the floors, to meet the requirement of different sizes of robots. 

Besides the custom option, all the drone charging units of Heisha can be purchased individually, even the small PCB controlling boards. About open, Heisha is unreserved.