DJI Matrice 300 and Heisha D135 autonomous drone dock works together for smart city 

February 25, 2022

Location: Qingdao Laoshan, China
Application: smart city
Coverage: over 200 square kilometers
Network: 10 sites + 1 monitoring center 

Each site deployment: 
1 D135 drone dock
1 DJI Matrice300 +zoom/infrared camera lens
Freesky autonomous drone system V.20

It has been a while since the “smart city” concept has been brought to the table, this smart city program is in Qingdao Laoshao district, five blocks, ten streets, about 200 are covered, and ten Heisha D135 autonomous drone docking stations are deployed. 
The core concept about the smart city is collecting data from every corner of the city, drones are necessary for this program due to the uprising mature technology and its strong flexibility, Heisha D135 autonomous drone charging and docking station plays strong support in this smart city program.
From the command center of the Freesky autonomous drone system, eight D135 drone docks are put into use, it only takes one operator to control all of them, check on a suspicious target, take a video by the infrared camera to check on the hill if there is a missing person or a wildfire. 
To change a zoom camera lens into an infrared lens only takes one click, taking panorama videos takes only 2 minutes, which makes the data collection work never so easier. 
The geographic condition of Qingdao Laoshan is very mountainous, relying on people and traditional vehicles to collect data is time-consuming work, drones and autonomous drone docking stations make all the work extremely convenient, a laptop and an operator will do all the work and the efficiency is beyond your imagination. 

About D135 drone dock
Heisha D135 autonomous drone docking station is the world’s first automatic drone charging station for DJI M300. It combines automated drone flight, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether. Large drone landing size is one of its unique features, its robust canopy design allows it to be deployed outdoor, with the air conditioning system and T3 drone control tower, weather conditions and temperature adjustment are all under supervision, the charging safety is taken care of in every aspect. Multiple controlling modules including M100 monitoring unit, T00 IoT communication controlling unit, and K100 five in one drone charging control module, are all independently developed and upgraded for better performance. 

D135 drone dock for smart city in Qingdao