Heisha automatic drone charging pad for drone scan solution
4th March 2020, Shenzhen

A client from Marco has built a fully automatic stock tracking system using Heisha C300 drone charging pad. And the system has worked properly more than 2 months.

A new way for stock tracking
Drone as a revolutionary solution to scanning products and pallets in warehouses, allows for airborne capturing of data while the operator receives live feedback as it scans. Inspecting the condition of products or verifying the contents of pallets can be easily achieved as the drone is also fitted with a camera.

What can Heisha drone charging pad do?
The system uses the latest drone platforms, automatic recharging system, software, scanning and communications technology and integrates to existing warehouse management systems. Heisha helped the customer solved drone automatic recharging system and realized remote switchgear. Besides, Heisha opens their development protocol to clients. So they can integrate to software system and warehouse management system easily.