Smart city programs by Heisha D135 autonomous drone docking station and DJI Matrice300
heisha drone dock for smart city
Time: 2022-02-19
Location: Qingdao Laoshan, China
Coverage: over 200 square kilometers
Network: 10 sites + 1 monitoring center 
Each site deployment: 
1 D135 drone dock
1 DJI Matrice300 +zoom/infrared camera lens
Freesky autonomous drone system V.20

There are five major functions that this DiaB network performs in the smart city program: data collection, automatic inspection, ceaseless flight, quick response, and backup flight when power off. It covers the entire Laoshan district of Qingdao in the most efficient way that human force could ever reach.
Several departments work are relying on the city’s data, from EPD (environmental protection), forestry, emergency management, city management, public security, marine administration, traffic, territories, to real estate. Updating the city’s basic data for these departments is one of the significant roles that the smart city program are playing. 3D videos of the main streets, 720-degree panorama data, and HD pictures can all be collected with DJI Matrice 300 camera for different departments to use. 

Higher efficiency, smarter, and safer are the outstanding features of this smart city program with the join-in of autonomous drones. The digital basic data of the city are updating in the highest efficient freshly thanks to this drone network, which provides powerful support for different departments to make scientific decisions when it comes to needing. 
The integration of the automatic inspection system and the low-altitude AI application platform not only improves the efficiency of urban governance but also makes the process of urban governance more intelligent, providing new kinetic energy for the normalized operation and services of the cloud brain in district cities.
Automated drone docks require only a few people to remotely operate the Freesky software online, the safety of people is greatly increased, plus the M100 monitoring and diagnosis module of the D135 drone dock, which can remotely diagnose most hardware problems and restart the system remotely, no need to send people to the drone docking station, it provides great convenience for the maintenance work. 

About D135
Heisha D135 autonomous drone docking station is the world’s first automatic drone charging station for DJI M300. It combines automated drone flight, remote control, and real-time video capture functions altogether. Large drone landing size is one of its unique features, its robust canopy design allows it to be deployed outdoor, with the air conditioning system and T3 drone control tower, weather conditions and temperature adjustment are all under supervision, the charging safety is taken care of in every aspect. Multiple controlling modules including the M100 monitoring unit, T00 IoT communication controlling unit, and K100 five in one drone charging control module, are all independently developed and upgraded for better performance.