Drone in-the-box hardware platform

Following the preflight self-testing, gimbal starting, and camera running, a charged drone leaves the charging pad and starts its automatic flying just as the waypoint has set, and then precisely lands on the charging pad like a winner of the battle. A whole drone in-the-box show of HEISHA D.NEST has surpassed the concept and has stepped into the various industrial applications. Remote control based drone charging as the major direction, detail polishing as the second factor for improving its drone charging competitiveness, D.NEST is born to meet with different models of drones’ charging comes with a complete set of drone charging platform, outdoor shelter, and monitoring via APP, all remotely and automatically.

Fits in ANY Drones
Wide compatibility from DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom series, to any other drone models
All about Drone Charging
Drone recharging pad with high charging efficiency, customized complete set of SDK, and failure rate control
Details Matters
Remote control the drone action, monitor the drone charging progress, plus the automatically opened shelter

D.Nest is a mini light-weight unattended drone system, including a C500 charging pad, a charging landing gear, a tailored Mavic 2 / 2 Pro battery, a canopy, an OC (Embedded AI-computer),  a LS (local server), an CS (internet server), a T3 (HDMI camera monitoring), a Loudspeaker and a DJI Mavic 2 10 parts. The ten parts can be a combo at a better price or you also can purchase total separately.
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Drone Charging Concentrated
How did HEISHA upgrade the drone charging pad

The drone recharging pad and the assistant Software Development Kit as the core for the drone charging platform is concentrated by HEISHA with all their technical strength. The assurance of precision landing managed by the remote control system is the precondition for a success drone recharging, doubled concentrating ways are taken for it. Next recharging progress is supported by a customized retrofitting battery and a self-developed landing gear that has four charging interfaces for a stable and fast drone charging, the simple two processes have been tested and optimized for years to keep the high charging efficiency and stay away from hazardous factors like overheating at the same time. Less than 0.1% fail to return rate is limited before a drone charging pad leaves the factory. 
D.NEST custom drone charging system is based on HEISHA C500 with wide compatibility from DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom series, to any other drone models. A complete set of SDK is ready and varies from different drones, customized for your demands, to ease you from large cost on long-term and professional technical required development

D.NEST drone in a box

Detail Polishing Step-by-step
Focus on product and technology

防雨盖 4~1
For the long-range of drone applications like inspection, remote control and monitor convenience must be taken consideration to present the high working efficiency of a drone involved mission shall have, that’s the very first reason an APP shall be developed for making the D.NEST charging solution more practical. After setting the waypoint on the APP via your phone, control the drone to hover, shot a picture, record a video, and zoom in the monitoring area are all in hand. Shut down the auto drone charging on the APP if the mission is completed. T3 Monitoring camera is ready in the package to present you with a real-time video of the charging progress so to make sure all the charging is under monitoring. Besides these, outdoor drone charging safety on rainy days is being considered with an automatically opened shelter. Control the drone charging remotely, monitor the charging, and keep the drone charging platform safe and dry, HEISHA D. NEST takes care of every detail of the drone charging and endeavors to do better

D.NEST Specs

D.NEST-The intelligent 3-part system as a sky-eye to assist security
HEISHA D.NEST drone-in-the-box
Mini Weatherproof drone-charging station with local server router and AI-powered computing
Weight: 100 Kg
Dimensions when closed: 90 * 90 * 32 cm
Dimensions when opening: 170 * 90 * 32 cm
Power supply: 110v or 220v Ac
Connectivity: Wifi & Ethernet + HDMI + USB + optional LTE /5G modem
Operational temperatures: -20 to +50 °C
T3 weatherproof real-time monitoring to watch the D.NEST via an APP
Outdoor RF&WIFI monitoring system, 
full-range detection
Stream live video: 24/7
Support: 1080P HD
Angel of view: 170-degree field of view 
Weight: 450g
Size: 80 * 100mm
Transmission range: 300m
Hei'sha APP 300X300
Heisha APP

Watch the real-time video from drone and monitor
Capture the HD image and video via QuickShots
Support ActiveTrack, Waypoint
Gimble control
Customizable and open for cooperation

D.NEST Accessories

D.NEST packing list
D.NEST packing list for mobile
D. NEST is expecting to tailor a unique drone in-the-box solution with you together
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