Standard Drone Charging Platform

To break the drone power limitation at the least cost on refitting and expense, HEISHA C500 requires neither professional mechanical knowledge nor API management. The whole drone charging platform includes the charging pad, accessories, and customized API for your specific drone model. To make this standard drone charging solution fits in the bestselling drones, HEISHA C500 M2 was developed for DJI Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Pro. 
Since DJI launched the Mavic mini 2, HEISHA designed the automatic drone charging pad for DJI mini 2. It takes about 15 minutes to make this charging platform integrate with the Phantom 4, Inspire, M300. After charging 45 minutes, your drone is all juiced up.

24-hour uninterrupted vibration test passed

Temperature: up to 70 ℃ 

Humidity: 30% -50%RH 

Direct sunlight resistance 

Fatigue test ≥ 5000 times
Industrial level standard
drone charging pad material
All-metal unibody construction for durability
internal PCB control board of drone charging pad
Highly integrated design of the internal control PCB, upgraded to achieve 5-in-1 precision control for stable and reliable performance
details of drone charging pad
Adding glare protection devices and position feedback mechanism to the locking bars for it is safer and more stable operation

The C500 is an upgrade to the 3rd generation drone auto-charging board from HEISHA. The aim is to build a more reliable, stable, open, secure and standardized drone automatic charging platform to help developers save time and effort in building intelligent drone station. 

Accumulating a Trustworthy Reputation
Instead of splitting the limited energy into manufacturing every single piece of part and focusing on drone charging performance, HEISHA has chosen the last one. After selecting the finest parts manufacturers, all the left work to do is concentrate, from customizing types of factory equipment to recruiting different department employees based on the R&D demands, then following by over 5 regulated testing procedures. That’s how HEISHA C500 came, that’s every single step HEISHA is treading for the accumulation of its trustworthy reputation. 

Compatibility beyond DJI

DJI series of drones from Mavic Series, Phantom Series, Inspire Series, to M300, are all tested repeatedly and successfully integrated with HEISHA C500 Plus. Other drones including 3DR, Propel, SYMA, Sky Viper, and other open-source drones are all compatible. The whole customization of the drone charging solution is free!

Drone in-the-box solution
production ability Mobil 1
production ability mobile 2
Heisha C500PLus drone charging pad stocks
production ablility mobile 4
The optional drone-in-the-box solution is available based on HEISHA C500 drone charging pad, the additional automatic opened shelter and a monitoring camera will be included in the package to ensure an entire automatic drone mission accomplished from flying to landing.

Roadmap for Heisha products
product time line
product roadmap Mobile
Details HEISHA has focused 

  1. More Precise Limiter
The positive and negative limiter is adopted for the next step of smoothing centering, an infrared sensor is contributing to this along with a piece of sun blocking shade. 

2.   Smoother Centering
The R&D team came up with the solution after numerous times of optimization for upgrading the stability of centering before the drone charging, the core issue is the wiring of the PCB board, less wiring equals more stable performance, that’s how the highly integrated PCB board came.

3.  Longer Lifespan
Two aspects were focused to enlarge the lifespan of the C500 Plus drone charging system. First is replacing the steel wire’s track with a high- accuracy one to reduce the abrasion. Second is to improve the sync of the motor and to elevate the accuracy of the stepper motor by customizing a pulse generator.

4.  Higher Current 
Gold-plated dual electrodes with higher current are adopted for up to 10 A current to pass through, which empowers a faster speed of drone charging.

C500 drone charging pad specs

Suitable Model:
DJI Mavic 2/2 Pro
Working Temperature:
Charging Voltage: 
Charging Time:    

Glass fiber, Aluminum
Power Supply:
Max. Charging Current:
Landing Gear Weight:

Optional components

Charging gear

Custom battery


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