A thank you note from a drone engineer
This month we received a thank you note from a customer, and with the customer's authorization, we published some of the content.

Hi Jimmy
Thank god. Today we finally managed to deliver 15 sets of drone charging pads. It was very exciting.
Thank you very much, without your support, I do not know when this delivery could be done.
To be honest, three years ago, when my partner and I designed the drone charging station, we were not planning to use other provider's products, after all, we are all senior engineers. We were pretty sure we were able to make our drone and charging pad solution.
It turned out that we totally underestimate the complexity of making a stable product, which takes a lot of effort. After getting the customer's order, the instability of the product, unsolved bugs of the software and the customers' on-going new requirements made us anxious.
With our desperate needs, we tried HEISHA's charging pad and the DJI drones, the combo was very good. You also made prompt delivery for mass production after the sample order.
Thank you very much for being able to make a good charging pad as a complete product. In this way, we save time to upgrade the software platform and tend to all customization work.
Meanwhile, I would like to make some suggestions, as I sincerely hope to see HEISHA's products get better and better.
Firstly, waterproof. The humidity level of the place where the charging station is placed is pretty high, I strongly advise you to improve the level of waterproof and moisture proof.
Secondly, precision landing at night. We hope the drone can have spot-on landing onto the pad in different shades of light.
Thirdly, SDK for telemetry development can do more standardized and user-friendly to integrate the solution with our software platform much easier.
Fourthly, I hope we can have on-site technical support, and you can come to see applications in practice and have better communication.
Thanks again, I hope we can continue to cooperate in the long term, our next order will be placed this month.

Reply from HEISHA
First of all, thank you very much for your suggestions, we will include them into our next version product C500 development, which is planned to be released within this year. It will be more stable, more cost-effective, more powerful.
Secondly, on-site support is not convenient at this moment, but we can provide live video support, including after-sales technical support, product demonstration, company introduction. You can start to reserve now.