HEISHA Develop Kit for autonomous drone
HEISHA autonomous drone Develop Kit
Low-cost drone automation develop kit
Time & cost-efficient
DK80 is a drone automation kit launched by HEISHA Technology for developers. This kit includes DPad 80, landing gear, battery, K100-TX (internally contains the virtual state of drone control and air conditioning control), and remote control base. It can realize the automatic power-off of the drone, the automatic power-off of the remote control and the automatic charging of the drone. All control commands and status feedback are standardized and designed, and developers can flexibly use the command set to develop automatic flight control of drones. Developers can easily implement a complete autonomous drone system solution through this kit and self-developed software.
  • Standard TTL interface

  • Provide various sensor expansion interfaces

  • Standard control instruction set

  • Can be adapted to a variety of models

  • Flexible fixing method

  • Low cost, save time

For developers

* Companies or individuals with drone flight scheduling and cluster development capabilities

* Companies or individuals with integrated development capabilities for unmanned drone solutions

* Organizations or individuals who need low-cost research and learning
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How to get a DK80
  1. Place an order for DK80 Developer Kit
  2. Receive DK80 products
  3. Get developer documentation from the account manager
  4. Design and develop your unmanned drone system