DJI Mini 2 automatic charging pad is available

7th Nov 2020, HEISHA 
DJI launched the Mavic Mini 2 on 5th Nov.  At less than 249 g, it weighs about as much as an apple and fits in the palm of our hand.  This is a good news for somewhere having a drone weight limit. 

HEISHA designed C500 automatic drone charging pad for Mini 2. The drone charging pad price is $858 USD dollars.  If you get a Mini charging pad, you can get an automatic inspection drone easily. 

There are two size of charging pad for Mini 2, one is 80*80 cm landing pad, another one is 60*60 cm landing pad.  Thanks to the integrated design and professional production technology, C500 charging pad for Mini 2 is the sixth-generation technology.  With the all-in-one controller K100, the C500 is stable and safety. 

What is the function of C500?
If you have a plan to build a fully unattended inspection drone, the C500 can be a drone’s replenishing station. You just design the control software system to control the drone remotely via smartphone or laptop. HEISHA provides all the hardware you need. 
If you are a professional software developer, HEISHA can be your partner to distribute your software with HEISHA hardware as a whole system to end users.