Electric Substation inspection by Heisha D80 autonomous drone docking station and DJI Mavic
d80 drone dock for inspection
Time: 2021-11-06
Location: Fujian Quanzhou, China
Application: drone inspection
Device: Heisha D80 autonomous drone docking station (works with DJI Mavic)
As the Electric Substation of Quanzhou belongs to the national electric company, its assets belong to the government, the security of large and valuable assets matters not only to the electric substation but also to common people’s daily life.
The maintenance department of the Quanzhou Electric Substation really appreciates the convenience that Heisha D80 autonomous drone docking station has brought.
“Our team has to work in shifts to check and make sure all the facilities are running normally, we have 6 people to work from days to nights.” 
-Team leader of the maintenance department

Many large facilities in this Electric Substation need to be checked regularly to ensure the whole station can run normally, such as the transformer, its as big as a house, it requires ladders to check on the top, it’s risky and cost a lot of time and strength to climb up and down. But it’s nothing to a drone, especially to the drone being controlled by the D80 drone dock, a few clicks will do the checking work. 
With the HEISHA D80 drone docking station, a drone can also carry out flight missions remotely to patrol the wall and notice the lost person (or animals) at the first time, then send them the kind warning so to protect their safety. 
Quanzhou Electric Substation has signed a one-year contract to use D80 to do the inspection work. 
About D80
Heisha D80 autonomous drone docking station is an intelligent drone charging station with high safe assurance thanks to the comprehensive hardware support, including the air conditioning system, smart charging control system, and remote diagnosis solution. It is compatible with batteries from 3S to 12S, which means most drones are compatible with it. Automatic drone charging as a major function, self-landing, automatic take-off, and executing preset waypoint flight mission without a professional pilot but an operator in front of a computer, are the unique features of D80, you can also take photos and shot videos during the flight, zoom in the drone camera view is also available if you need to take a close look. D80 is certified by CE and FCC.