HeiSha C200 drone charging pad is Highly Praised by the China Environmental Protection Foundation
On June 15, 2019, the China environmental protection foundation has been run the third round of test on Heisha C200 drone charging pad. In the meantime, the foundation President also give a high appraisal.

In China, environmental protection is a very challenging thing, the terrain is vast and complex, a lot of forest areas, grasslands are facing theft, stolen grazing, and other intrusions. How to let science and technology promote the cause of environmental protection, HeiSha drone charging pad components made their own small contribution!

Heisha tech, China environmental protection foundation, and unmanned aircraft manufacture together create a forest inspection solution. In this solution, Heisha provides the automatic charging pad, other core components and integrated with the drones/UAVs, for the reserves several frequently stolen ranching area realizes unattended flight inspection. The biggest bright spot is that the ranger even reserve officers, can control the drone through their mobile phone at any time, and check on the real-time information about the places they most want to see by setting on the mobile phone. The video can be sent back to the mobile terminal direct as well.

The ranger Mr. Lin said:” This solution helps me to save a lot of time before it used to take a day to patrol the whole forest area, now just need to hold the phone.”
Mr. Zhang, from the drone manufacturer we work with, said: " I really enjoyed working with Heisha tech.  And I am very happy that this suite of the solution worked out as we wanted. This auto charging solution is standardization and high flexibility. Cost control is also very good. So I believe that this solution also has a very high commercial value in agriculture, forestry, security applications"
The President of the foundation spoke highly of this solution, and he said: “I truly feel the power and value of technological innovation.”