Heisha C300 drone charging pad got a highly comments in gas and oil industry

Shenzhen, China, Aug 5, 2019. ---Heisha Tech, a technology driving company has got a highly comments after the C300 drone charging pad been released. 

Heilongjiang oil and gas is a branch of China oil gas manufacture, they have to check and inspect the manufacturing base, especially the roof of the equipment. 

They have their engineer to develop the solution for manufacture's safety. They tried the drones to capture the air data. But it is high costs and not easy to maintenance. How to make it much easier and smarter. When they partner with Heisha Tech, combined the super charging pad with the drone, and set some take-off points in the fixed location. 

Heisha drone charging pad help them make the drone autonomous flight and get the real-time video and images remotely. 

Heisha will keep exploring the unattended technology to power the industrial applications' solutions.