HEISHA D80 drone dock presents in DJI Israel and joins with High Lander
April 13, 2021
Thanks to the introduction of our software partner High Lander, our D80 drone charging and docking platform have the chance to presents in the DJI Israel center.
As it is still a new technology to most drone enthusiasts, many people are filming the automatic take-off, self-landing, and charging process of D80. The most breath-taking moment is when the Mavic 2 is carrying out the precision landing, then comes a running whoa, guess still many people won’t believe this technology has finally come true. Project the real-time surveilled map on the big screen makes the result display most efficiently, it is a function that will benefit not just one or two industries but almost all the applications you can imagine.
High Lander is a drone software provider who has served every kind of industry from drone delivery, precision agriculture, surveying & mapping, to facilities inspection. They came to realize more requirements are related to autonomous drones and long-term pilot-free applications as the human cost uprising every day and more industries require a more intelligent drone solution.
In such a trapped situation, the release of the HEISHA autonomous drone charging system offers a delightful solution to the autonomous drone, with the flexible and complete drone software that High Lander provides, the co-work of HEISHA and High Lander is going the shake the whole drone industry.