HEISHA drone charging pad for DJI M300 succeed for delivery
1st September 2020. HEISHA D.Nest drone in-a-box self-charging solution captured a lot of attention from autonomous drone industry since it was launched. Heisha D.Nest separates the drone hardware from the charging station.  D.Nest is an automated drone charging station designed to fit almost any COTS drone: including DJI models from the Mavic to the Phantom.  D.Nest makes automated drone missions faster, easier, and cheaper than other automated platforms.

What is more, HEISHA has focused on drone charging solution more than 5 years. End of August, HEISHA has succeed to deliver a DJI M300 drone charging pad. It is first-of-its-kind to make providing cost-effective charging pad for big drones and VTOL fixed wing possible.  The bigger size HEISHA charging pad has been tested more than 300 times. And the positioning bar can undertake more than 35kg weight. 
HEISHA drone charging pad for DJI M300

Battery endurance has been a bottleneck for the drone industry. What is the ultimate solution? If the drone has its own home and supplement energy, the drone can finish all the missions by itself, what a wonderful image. HEISHA is on the way to make it happen!