Heisha Protects Life and Property as Part of Drone Fight on the Coronavirus

Heisha systems corporation has just released a new version of their next generation charging systems, the C500, for use with DJI drones.
The company explains that Heisha drone charging pads are part of a low-cost autonomous drone solution for a variety of applications.  Most recently, Heisha charging pads have been used in conjunction with off-the-shelf DJI drones to be able to provide security solutions during the coronavirus outbreak worldwide.  As shown, the systems are placed on rooftops with a pre-determined flight path to provide security for commercial buildings.  Use of the drones frees up security resources and limits the exposure of human security guards to risk.
The newest version the C500 is available worldwide. You can learn more about the $588 dollar station from their website.  The company describes itself as a technology-driven company, focusing on two products: automatic drone charging stations; and software solutions to automate and scale drone operations.

From their press release:
"Heisha released new generation automatic drone charging pad C500 on 6th March 2020. This is a special release at a special time. Because of the spreading of coronavirus, more and more companies are concerned with security problems. More than 30 security guard have died from the new coronavirus.   Heisha is willing to contribute their profits to strengthen unmanned aerial security."
Heisha C500  is a core part of a complete drone charging station. Developers can design a more powerful drone station based on specific needs.
“There is a big potential in the fully automated drone solution market. We call UAVs ‘unmanned’, but they still need professional pilots to operate them. This is ridiculous… and it’s holding back the development of drones. Especially in fixed location, repeated cruise applications, drones can operate totally unmanned, which is so valuable. In the past three years, some automation solutions cost more than fifty thousand dollars.  Heisha keeps trying to upgrade the core parts and finding a way to cut costs. That is what Heisha does.” Heisha's CEO Mr. Ling said.

C500, priced at $588, works with off the shelf drones such as the DJI Mavic 2. The price point for the entire system is estimated to be under $3,000 dollars.  
The system can be used for many applications:  security, inspection, agriculture, harbor inspection, and survey.
Heisha is dedicated to intense R&D and is the driving force behind the rise of the Intelligent hardware core components, such as drone charging pads and 5km+ and 30km+ wireless video transmitter.

Heisha drone charging pad for DJI Mavic 2